Monday, June 27, 2005

To Mission Trip or Not to Mission Trip

Okay, I'm having a dilemma. I had planned all along to NOT go on mission trip this year, and then once I got in school and knew I'd be finishing up my internship in July, I definitely was not going. Now Tiffany is going, and I am finding myself waffling about maybe rearranging my schedule to go. I am asking myself why. I wonder if it's just because Tiffany is going and she's a blast to hang out with and I know we'd have so much fun, or also if it's the old "don't want to miss out on anything fun" feeling that I often have that makes me overload my schedule. Is God really calling me to go, or am I just wanting to be in on the experience with everyone else? I suspect it's the latter, but I'm praying about it to be sure. Gotta let Josh know by Wednesday for sure. The other problem is, if I rearrange my internship schedule to go, then I'll finish later than my other classmates instead of us finishing together, and there you go, it's that "be in on the experience with everyone else" quandary. Lord sometimes I'm a pain in the tush to myself!

But, this whole thing has made me contemplate how often we sign up to do things for that very reason - not because God called us to it, but because we want to be in on the experience wtih everyone. Something to consider . . .

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