Monday, June 27, 2005

It's the small moments . . .

Yeah, it's all good. Those little moments that just remind you how sweet life can be. Waking up at the regular time and remembering that you don't have to get up yet because your schedule is different now. Layin' out by my pool with a book and a big ole glass of iced tea, soakin' up the rays or napping. Yeah. A great book on tape. A really good movie that makes you appreciate the gift of language. My potted flowers around the pool are still alive and blooming! Sam's goofy grin when he does his silly "tiny steps" walk. The way he starts asking for "Anny" the moment he walks in the door. (well I could write a whole book on stuff about Sam). Laughing so hard you think you might pee your pants. A good hot shower. A nice long email from a friend (love love love those). Those little affectionate touches between family members that say so much without words. Andy's tend to be pokes and punches and resting his arms on my shoulders since he's so tall now, but still, the message of love is there. Freshly washed sheets. Fresh laundry smells in general are one of my favorite smells. Clean, soft, comfortable smells. My sweet, goofy dog always lying within a few feet of wherever I am, guarding me or just wanting to be close. My cat lying in the sun, meditating or whatever cats do when they have their eyes closed but they aren't sleeping because if there is any noise at all they open one eye. Coming home the day the maid has been there. Yeah, I have a maid. And it's fabuloso! And I'm worth it, finally. Funny words. Like murr - a word one of Andy's friends uses on her blogs. It just makes me giggle. Don't know why. It's a great word - could mean lots of things. Murrrrrrr. That's how I'm feeling today. Muuuurrrrrrr.

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