Thursday, June 30, 2005

I've Got Pains in New Places

Wow, my body is fighting back against the new things I'm asking of it. I have been seeing three massage clients a day, and yesterday and today I saw four. Man, what a difference one more makes - though today is better than yesterday. Mainly really tired and stiff in my back and some in the palms of my hands. But I think I'll build up my endurance and strength to the point where I don't feel this way. I doubt I'll do more than four a day in my practice anyway. So far everyone I've seen has been very nice, and some have given me nice "donations." We are not allowed by state law to take tips, but we can receive "donations" for lunch or gas money. Go figure - ain't that a tip? One of my classmates is a young (20) single guy who is really sweet but really needs a girlfriend. I've been teasing him that I keep getting all the babes to massage - several of my clients have been young attractive women. Of course the ideal massage client is youthful, in excellent shape with nice firm muscles and smooth skin, perfectly groomed, etc. But most people don't fit that bill, so when you get one, you appreciate it. We are having fun swapping stories about our clients. It's hard to believe it'll all be over by the end of the month and then we won't see each other until we get ready to study for our state test unless we book massages with each other. It's been fun. Very different, since they are all so young, but really fun. Tomorrow I have four clients, and one is a good friend and one is the woman who runs the wellness group I'll be working at, so I sure need to do a good massage for her! She's very nice. I think her husband is going to come in as well.

Anyway, it's really a trip to be on this journey. I sometimes still can't believe that I'm in school and am going to be my own boss and set my own schedule etc. Just seems surreal. But cool. But weird. Like I'm going to wake up and find out I'm still working behind a desk after all.

I find that most evenings I come home, do a few little chores, eat dinner, watch some TV and crash into bed quite a bit earlier than I used to, even though I don't have to get up as early. But I just can't stay awake much past 10 or so these days. We ordered a Sleep Number Bed (murrrrrr - wheeee). I think it will really help me recover at night from the strain on my body. I want to write on here more often, but many nights I'm just too darn sleepy!

Our cruise is July 25! Cannot wait! We are going with James and Angela and Peter and Tiffany, and Andy is going too. We are really planning on getting lots of rest and hangout time, not too much scheduled stuff. Lots of sun and laying (or is it lying) around! And perhaps a margarita or two thrown in there, along with as much food as I can stuff down my throat! Heck yeah, that's what a cruise is all about! Might go parasailing - yeah buddy! Jay thinks I'm nuts, but hey, gotta live those dreams!

Must pay some bills and other joyous activities now, while awaiting my delicious Three-Cheese Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza and side order of Quepapas (a yummy new treat from Pizza Hut that looks like a tater tot (yay tots) with cheese and jalapeno bits inside). Isn't is nice to know I'm eating so healthy along with my new health conscious career. Yep. That's me. Mmmmmmmmuuuurrrr - I'm hungry!

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