Saturday, December 31, 2005

Random Comments

Okay, I'm guilty. I haven't posted in forever. (See Jay's post about the holidays and you'll know why.) I will post in more detail later, but I'm checking my email and some show is on about the cutest child stars, and it's hosted by these two hot young women, one of whom I finally recognize as Candace Cameron, the girl who played D.J. on Full House. The other one, not sure. Then Candace calls her Keisha, and I realize this really slim, hot girl is the girl who played Rudy on The Cosby Show. Looks like a model now! Wow she grew up much prettier than you woulda thought.

Also, I have a dear friend who's 33, and we were discussing movies we might want to see last night, and she asks what's Munich? I said, you know it's about the 1968 Olympics when the Israeli athletes were killed by the Palestinian terrorists. She goes "huh?" Yeah, I'm old. It's official.

More next week when the holidays are over.