Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Random thoughts

Well, I'm home from church. We are working on patriotic music, which just makes me grit my teeth. Don't know why, don't really have an issue with it, just don't wanna sing it. Every year we bring out a song that includes the fight song or whatever you call it for each branch of the armed services and I just always try to find a way not to be there that week. Please forgive if I offend anyone, it's not a commentary about the military at all, just personal musical tastes.

Speaking of musical tastes, I'm watching an Eagles Farewell Tour special on TV. They are just so talented, and so great live, and they are just as good as ever even though most of them are about my age. What a life it must be to get to play and sing and get paid for it.

I spent some time out by the pool today when I should have been inside working on my novel that I'm trying to start, but I keep managing to find ways to procrastinate that little effort. I know it's fear of failure, and me and God have had a few conversations about it, but so far the closest I've gotten is working on this blog.

Need to get hubby to show me how to make fancy quotes and insert links and stuff. I'm a total rookie at this stuff . . .

Read something in someone else's blog today that really made me go "ouch." David Trotter is a pastor at Revolution Church in Long Beach, CA. He said

The more God does for us, the more difficult it is to follow Him. We get fat and lazy.

Ouch. I'm feeling very comfy and blessed right now, so that statement made me squirm in my chair.

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