Monday, June 27, 2005

Good Times

Man, I can't seem to find time to sit down and write. Well, that's not really true, I have time, but I keep putting it off because I have so much to say I don't know how to narrow it down, and I think there's some other dynamic going on there but I'm not sure what it is. I love reading everyone else's blogs and logging comments, and I end up spending all my time doing that!

Anyway, last week (well starting Wed) was my first week of massage therapy internship. Interesting. Fun. Scary. Exhausting. Sometimes I still find it hard to believe I'm actually doing this and it will be my job, instead of going into the office and sitting at a desk. It's kind of like the summer Lindsay got married and I quit my long time job and temped all summer. It was kind of surreal. This is the same way. But I'm having a blast, and have made some real good friends in my classmates, though they are all young enough to be my kids. You kind of bond with people you spend that much time with in an intense setting.

One day last week I saw an RMT come in who, I swear to you, looked like she might have at one time been a he. She had large trout lips (collegen, I suspect) and her face looked kind of plasticky (is that a word?) like Cher's looks now. All I know is that if she/he came in to massage me, I might run the other way! Scary.

I've developed a new celebrity crush. I'm in love with Jason Bateman. If you have not watched Arrested Development, run, don't walk, to your local video store of choice and rent the entire first season. It's the funniest, most subversive, innovative and original comedy I've seen in years! Brilliance! Hi. lar. ious. I spent a lot of time trying to remember what show he was on in the 80s (it was The Hogans). But who knew he was such a good comedic actor (and so darn cute). Some guys get much better looking as they age. Anyway, it's more of an intangible quality, humor and intelligence, I guess. I plan to make this a can't miss show this fall. It's on Sunday nights opposite Desperate Housewives, which is another of my new favorite shows, so I'll have to tape it!

Anyway, I'm having a great season of life right now. Lot's of relax time, learning a new profession, meeting new people, writing more, reading more, spending more time with family, yeah, it's all good. I'm very blessed with a husband who is much better to me than I deserve, and great kids whom I truly enjoy hanging out with (that includes you, Mikey), and I am happier than I've ever been in my life. Sometimes I feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, but maybe God's just choosing to give me a season of joy. Last summer really sucked, with losing my Dad and my knee injury, and it was an uphill climb and then the fall and spring were good and now things are wonderful. I am unworthy, and undeserving, but so very thankful.

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