Thursday, April 03, 2008

Five Beauties for Today

Okay, my friend Julie has issued a challenge to find five things of beauty every day, to enhance your creativity and inner life. I like her idea of looking for one for each sense, so I'm stealing . . . er . . . emulating her here (how's THAT for a five dollar word!)

Taste: I had a wonderful Asian chicken salad for lunch, with oranges, chicken, almonds, cucumbers, and sesame dressing. A delightul combo of sweet and salty, with crunch to boot.

Smell: My freshly laundered sheets that still smelled great this morning before I got up. Fresh laundry is my very favorite smell.

Touch: My beautiful granddaughter's arms around my neck this morning, giving me a sweet sloppy kiss.

Sound: The hilarious sound effects Sam (4 year old grandson) was making from the back seat as I took him to school. The turn signal, the motor sounds as he said it felt like we were on a roller coaster (a twisty road actually), and so on.

Sight: The faces of my grandchildren as they wrestled and played, giggling and smiling at each other.

Sorry, I guess there was a grandchild theme here, but I saw them this morning and it was of course the highlight of my day.

Anyone else care to play?

1 comment:

Julie Layne said...

Bloom where you are planted, right?

Ooh, did you find a McDonald's that still served Asian chicken salad, or have to go farther afield? ;)