Friday, April 11, 2008

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy . . .

My beauty for today is my 17 year old son, Andy. I was thinking about him several times in the last few weeks, as we've begun to really get into the college prep groove (he's a junior). I came to a realization that I want to share here, and I hope no one takes this the wrong way or thinks I'm being . . . well, icky.

We have managed to raise a son who is exactly the kind of guy I would have wanted to date and marry. And I'm really proud and happy about that. He's not perfect, don't get me wrong. His room is a toxic waste dump, but I know maturity and a good, patient wife will probably make a difference there. He's a procrastinator, but he comes through for the things that really matter. He doesn't always do what I tell him to, but he has good judgment most of the time about following our rules and making good choices.

But he's funny, witty, compassionate, kind, self-deprecating in a charming sort of way, generous, artistically gifted, really, really smart but not obnoxious about it, a good speller (hey, I have my quirks), and just generally lots of fun to hang out with. He loves God with all his heart and has a deep desire to serve him and to live a life that honors Christ, and he actively seeks ways to do that. He is nice to everyone, and really tries to be a peacemaker among his pals and not gossip or get into the drama that's an inherent part of teen life today. He's very cute, but not so handsome that he's unapproachable. He loves kids of all ages, and will make the most amazing dad someday. I can tell by the way he relates to his 4 year old nephew and his 2 year old niece, who adore their Uncle "Annie." He has a LOT of friends, and I believe it's because of these very qualities.

I know that he would not be the young man he is today without God's hand on his life. But I also feel very proud and thankful that together, Jay and I have done a good thing here. It's been very hard work, and we haven't always agreed on how to raise this boy, but we have been on the same page where it counts. We used to joke that Andy and Jay were joined at the hip, but I believe that strong father-son bond is another part of why he is turning into such a great man. Yikes, I said that out loud, didn't I?

So, for today, Andy is my beauty. I know he doesn't like mushy stuff much, but he knows I love him more than words can say. So son, if you are reading this, let me just say that you are awesome. And God has a very special girl who is going to be very lucky to get you one day.

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