Sunday, April 06, 2008

My Five Beauties for the Weekend

Hey, it's the best I can do . . .

Touch - My Dorkie, Maddie, lying warm against my back as I lay on the bed watching a movie last night. She's a snuggler when she's not being hyper.

Taste - A big ole bowl of Kraft Rich & Creamy Mac & Cheese all just for MEEEEEE for dinner. Yum. Comfort food.

Smell - My new shampoo and conditioner. Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight with Honeyed Pear. (Trying to tame the hair . . .) Is there any shampoo that smells better than the various Herbal Essences? I used to use the original one in the 70s when it first came out and I had long hair. The fresh, green foresty fragrance would fill up the shower, or if I washed my hair in the sink, it would just envelop my whole face, and my hair would smell fabulous as it swung around me. Ahhhh.

Sight - The Robin(s?) I have seen in my yard all week. Not sure how many as I only see one at a time, but they are so beautiful.

Sound - The soundtrack to Father of the Bride, which I watched yesterday afternoon. I own the CD as well. Watched the movie and listened to the CD countless times during the year of planning Lindsay's wedding, often with tears and much sentimentality, and used that version of The Way You Look Tonight for the father(s)/daughter dance. That music conjuures nothing but the sweetest of memories for me.

There were probably more, but that's my weekend list. Anyone else playing besides me and Julie?

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Julie Layne said...

And I didn't even play this intervened. :-)