Thursday, April 17, 2008

Off they go . . . into the wild blue something . . .

Well, CurlyBoy is off on his trip. We made it to the airport with no traffic, managed to find a park, and headed in. I have not flown nor been inside the airport since 9/11. It's quite a changed place. I was prepared to not be able to go in at all, but I was able to go with him to the place where the orchestra director was helping the kids get checked in and ticketed. They have these little automated check-in kiosks now, kinda like an ATM. And then the person at the counter calls your name, they check your ID, and hand you a boarding pass. Simple.

Then we went to another area where another director and some sponsors were doing their own thorough luggage search for each child. Smart move, and hopefully will avoid any problems or embarassing incidents. I feel sure some kid was dumb enough to try to sneak something by that they shouldn't. Fortunately CurlyBoy was not one of those. All smooth sailing. Checked the bag, and then he headed down to security with some kids and a sponsor.

This was where we had to part ways. I managed to get a side hug, on request (he was going to just walk on away without even saying goodbye). I then texted "I love you!" to him, so as not to embarrass him in front of his buddies.

Got back to the car, and discovered he'd left his hoodie in the floor. Called him, and fortunately he answered and was still at security. I walked all the way down (waaaaay down) to where he was, as fast as I could, and he was able to walk over to where I was and get his hoodie. I sneaked a kiss since no one was looking. Heh. You have to be crafty about this stuff with a teenage boy around his school friends.

They have been in the air now for about an hour or more, so they should be there in another hour and a half. (Oh, and I'm SO thankful that the severe weather is to the west of our area and the kids didn't have to fly into that!) I asked him to call when he got to his hotel room. We will see if that actually happens. I even was so bold as to suggest he call every night.

Me: Hey, call us at least once every day. It can be in the evenings at bedtime.

CB: Every night?

Me: Well yeah, we just want to talk to you and hear about all the fun you are having. It can be late and short. Or send me a text.

CB: *rolls eyes*

Me: *trying not to sound desperate* Or take some pictures with your phone and send them to me . . . ?

We'll be lucky if we hear from him tonight and no more, based on other trips away. Oh well. Safe travel is all we really hope for. And no shenanigans that will cause him to be handed over to local authorities. Yeah. That exact phrase was in the handout. Made me giggle. But I think they are actually serious.

Be good son. Cuz we won't bail you out . . .

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