Thursday, April 10, 2008

Five Beauties, sort of . . .

Don't have five for yesterday . . . just didn't encounter a lot of beauty, or I wasn't lookin', not sure which. I've been way too busy this week. But here's what I have:

Sound: I'm sensing a theme here . . . I was listening to the score from The Holiday, which is one of my favorite movie scores. Just lovely music, very romantic. Not pop songs, but the actual instrumental score. I have a lot of film soundtrack CDs. When the music in a movie stays with me, I will buy the soundtrack. More often than not, it's an instrumental score, but sometimes I like the ones with pop songs, etc. on them. Dan in Real Life has some really unusual, funky little songs all by the same artist. Really fit the movie well. Love Actually has some fantastic songs that I love, plus some great instrumental tracks. Something's Gotta Give has both as well, and a lot of French songs, which normally I wouldn't choose, but they are in the movie and so I like them. Anyway, I ramble . . . I love movie scores, and if the movie is a particular favorite, the score calls up memories of the film and how it speaks to me.

Sight: A vine of the most amazing rusty red flowers growing up a fence and power line on a street by my home. Not sure what the heck they are, but they are breathtaking.

Taste: I got nothin. Boring day yesterday in the food department.

Smell: Same thing. Some unpleasant smells, but we won't delve into that here.

Touch: Well, I got a new pair of flats that are really soft and comfy leather. Does that count? They feel really good on my footsies.

I'll try to do better. Some days there is more beauty to be had than others I guess.

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