Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Meme All About MEEEEEE

So, I've been taggedby my friend Julie on this blog meme. I love these sorts of things, and I'm that annoying friend who emails you every single one I get. So, if I tag you, you MUST do this on your blog. Within 72 hours. Or bad things will befall you. Oh, sorry, that's those annoying chain emails I get from my dear cousin.

Anyway, here's the thing (hehe). Link to your tagger (me) and post these 3 rules on your blog.

1. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
2. Tag 7 people at the end of the post by leaving their names and links to their blogs. (hope I can think of 7 . . .)
3. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here are my facts, all about MEEEEEEEEE:

1. I have three children, by three different fathers (all former/current spouses), each 10 years apart. Oh yes, there are stories there. Many stories. But they are awesome kids. And hubby number three is a keeper - been married 21 years.

2. I went to 1 preschool, 6 elementary schools, 1 junior high and 1 high school, and lived in at least 9 places before I left home (3 in California, 1 place in Texas 3 times and then once more as an adult), and 24 places since the age of 16 (when I got married the first time after getting pregnant). Wow, I've never counted all that up before. Longest time ever living in one home - 12 years (home before the one I'm in now).

3. I only made one C in my school career - in typing. Ironic, eh?

4. I've only had two hangovers in my life (both in the 70s, by the way). One from tequila, not so bad. Last one from beer (which I hate), way too much beer, at a toga party (I'm not kidding). Felt so horrible the next day, I've never been drunk again.

5. I could eat pasta for dinner every single day, in one form or another, and be happy. Even without any meat.

6. The shortest job I ever held was at the front desk of a dentist's office. He was really weird, and his dental assistant was a total nutjob, and they were having an affair. And he had a colostomy. And she was pretty, and he was not. I lasted 3 months and had to get out. Longest job was about 15 years at a law firm, through various joinings and breaking apart of partnerships.

7. I have very little college (just a few classes), but I think I'm as smart and well-read as most people I meet with much more education. Not bragging, just proud of myself for educating myself by reading and learning constantly.

I tag . . . Lindsay H., Sharona, Caitlynn, Teri, Christine, Joshilyn (well, she's not a PERSONAL friend, but I read her blog daily, so I will tag her and she can ignore me and I won't be offended, I promise), and . . . yeah, I'm out of people, unless Julie wants to do another. I have lots more friends, really, but none that have blogs. Kinda sad, eh? I need to get my friends to blog more.


hampton said...

i never knew you were married to jay's dad... i guess because i knew you were 16.

i remember the first time i spent the night at your house, it must have been 5th grade because it was the old house in arlington after yall had moved out of kennedale school district and i had to get your attention and ask you somthing but i didn't know your first name. so i called you "mrs. wyatt" even though i knew that wasn't your name but it was as close as i could get!

Julie Layne said...

I still get called Mrs. Pick-OP (said exactly like that). It happened this morning at the dentist's office. I felt like saying, um, if you read the chart, you'd see I have a different name, have for nearly five years, but I held my tongue. :-D But, they are not in 5th grade. LOL Oh, well.

Ew, that dentist guy sounds creepy, speaking of dentist's!!

As far as the housing situation, we certainly get around, don't we?

Thanks for playing!