Monday, March 03, 2008

Look What I Can Do!

Wheee, I added a little bookshelf widget to my blog showing the books I'm currently reading! Haha, I've SEEN the word "widget" before, and I know it's not, but it just sounds like a midget witch . . . Anyway, I never really knew what it was, but I was reading someone's blog and they had one, and it was just too cool not to steal . . . er . . . copy.

You will note a number of books. I am currently reading, or have at least started, all but two of them. I am a multi-tasking reader, yes I am. Mostly reading Atonement as my main book of the moment, and listening to Vanishing Acts in my car. The others have been started and set aside, or bought and are waiting to be read. Plus, my friend Julie has another probably dozen books to loan me. I wish I could read all day long, without feeling like I was stealing time from something I "should" be doing. Every time I walk in a bookstore, I want to buy everything I see, as I deeply inhale the intoxicating smell of BOOKS, wonderful BOOKS. What IS it about that smell?

AND, wheeee, I won a signed copy of The Girl Who Stopped Swimming (see blog below), due to my Shameless Book Plug!

So, check out my little bookshelf. It's sorta cute . . .


Julie Layne said...

Cool little widgie. (That's what I always want to call them.) It is purdier than my library thing bookshelf, and I wonder if it's easier to update. Library thing's kind of a pain. I would need a small display, though, because I've got too much other stuff.

Therese Walsh said...

Nice widget, Gail, and a great site!