Thursday, March 20, 2008

Reality Came Crashing In

For those many readers clamoring for a new blog posting, I need to plead my case here. I know, I know that I promised to blog at least once a week, and even asked a couple of you to hold me accountable to do it. BUT, this week I had to actually begin going to real job, in an actual office that I must get up and drive to every morning, in a real office. This new development was necessitated by the basic requirement of making enough money to pay the bills so I can keep my Internet service so I can blog . . . Circle of Life and all that. Waaaahhhh. I'm actually working with really cool, fun people over at the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth. But it's not in my home office in my sweats with my TV on for company. Waaaaahhhh.

So, I do have a number of really fascinating things I want to blog about. However, I can't really do it at work (though I am making this short post at work - shhhhh!), and I am still trying to adjust to having to be out of the house all day and managing all my domestic tasks and other social engagements in the evening, along with taking an online writing course that requires quite a bit of reading.

I also plan to start a new writing blog where I will post about my class and all the great stuff I am learning. Like I need ANOTHER blog to keep up with. Pfft.

Hang on, dear readers (all three of you) and I promise I'll be posting another scintillating anecdote in the really, truly near future. Thanks for caring!

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Julie Layne said...

What, are you insinuating we didn't have real jobs before? ;-)

I know how good my bread is buttered, believe me. I can't imagine having to do all that again. Sheeesh...