Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar Time: Part Two

Costume Design, given out by Jen Garner (so pretty). And the winner is: Elizabeth, The Golden Age. Haven't seen it. Wanted to, so I need to rent it. The first one was great. Wow, this woman is weird looking. I guess if you are a costume designer you don't have to look good.

BABS* is on! *Barbra to those of you not in the fan club. They are showing a clip of when she won her Oscar. "Hello gorgeous!" She tied with Katharine Hepburn. Wore that groovy see through pantsuit and that angled bob. She was just so fab in those days. Now she's smart and political and very passionate about world issues, and apparently very happily married to James Brolin, after many years of having affairs with nearly all her costars.

Nice montage up now on Oscar moments. I've seen all but a few of them, I'm proud to say.

Steve Carell (LOVE him) and Anne Hathaway are giving out animated feature. Hoping Ratatouille wins. Such a charming and smart movie. My grandson has been inspired to learn to cook (he's only 4) by that movie. YAY, it won!

Katherine Heigl is giving out the Best Makeup award. She's very nervous. But looks just absolutely fabulous. La Vie En Rose won. Meh. They are playing off the lady accepting. That's just rude. They should just let them talk. The show runs long every year anyway, so just let them have their moment, please.

Amy Adams is singing a song from Enchanted. Another one I haven't seen yet, but I wanted too. She is perfect as a Disney-esque princess. I could SO see her as Belle. And she can sing well too. That girl has the whole package. Check out Junebug if you don't believe me.

More Oscar moments. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Sweet. But she hasn't done much lately, wonder why?

The Rock is on, but they used his real name instead. Guess he's trying to get known as a real actor. He's a good looking guy, for sure. He is doing Visual Effects. The Golden Compass won. Don't know if I'll rent that or not. Lots of controversy, and I didn't want to spend my bucks at the theater, but I'd like to be able to dialogue about it intelligently.

Cate Blanchett is very very pregnant. She's even walking pregnant. She's a very good actress, I have liked everything I've seen her in. She's doing Art Direction. I hope Atonement wins. All the details in that movie were wonderful. But I bet Sweeney Todd wins. Yep, I was right. It was great also, I admit. And very unique and hard to bring the musical to the screen I'm sure. I just loved all the period details in Atonement. Yikes, Johnny Depp's wife (or girlfriend, not sure) is French and has a big space between her front teeth, that looks really bad with dark red lipstick. Unfortunate.

Now a montage about former supporting actor winners. Love the montages. Meeeeemmmmmries . . .

Jennifer Hudson is giving out the Best Supporting Actor award. This should be no surprise - Xavier, er, Javier Bardem will win, though Casey Affleck was brilliant also. Yep, he won. Brilliant portrayal. Dedicated it to his mother in Spanish. Sweet.

Writerless Oscars Salute to Binoculars and Periscopes. Bad Dreams - An Oscar Salute. Sorta funny.

Here's Keri Russell to introduce the second nominated song from her movie, August Rush. I have not seen that, but I heard it was great. Just too many movies to get around to this year. Keri's necklace is really pretty and sparkly. The girl singing this song is 11 years old. Wow. How does a kid that young handle singing live on the Oscars? Man.

Owen Wilson is on. He looks good, his hair is even fixed. He was in rehab recently. I wish him well, he seems like a really nice guy. A little trivia here - the Wilson brothers' mom is a successful and talented photographer who lives in Dallas. He is giving out best short subject I think. Sorry, those never interest me because I never see them.

Okay, Jerry Seinfeld's Bee character is giving an award. Didn't see that movie, and I got really tired of the promos. They are showing a montage of clips where people are getting stung by bees. Silly. He's giving Animated Short Film. Another one I don't really care about, though some of them look interesting.

Now a montage of former Best Supporting Actress winners. Alan Arkin is giving it out. He's a great actor who is not in that many movies. I have no idea who will win this one. Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan is just weird, I'm sorry. I don't get it. She doesn't look or sound like him except for the wig. Oops, I made a mistake - I said Saoirse Ronan had an American accent in Atonement, but it was British. Alan Arkin said her name right - good for him! I'd love to see her win. She was riveting in that movie. But Amy Ryan's portrayal of an totally unsympathetic character really stuck with me.

Wow, Tilda Swinton won. First upset of the night. She was never mentioned in any of the favorites. She did a great job, but I'm surprised. Her dress has one sleeve, and the other side sleeveless, and it's basically a black satin sack. She has great bone structure and would probably be beautiful with makeup. And is apparently very witty and funny. She was the White Witch in the first Narnia movie - pale in that one too.

Okay, posting here and starting a new one. Gotta get a cookie!

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