Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar Time: Part Quatre

Okay, Jon Stewart is playing Wii tennis with the little girl from the song. Silly. Again.

Squeee! Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova are singing their song from Once. THIS BETTER WIN! Love that movie, and we saw them in concert in Austin. This is SO cool! LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie and that album. You must get it if you haven't heard it. They were awesome in concert. Oh, Colin Farrell introduced them, and got all emotional talking about the movie being filmed in Dublin.

Jack Nicholson is introducing a montage of former Best Picture nominees. It's too early to do that award unless they are breaking tradition. We shall see. Just a montage. I've seen most of those movies.

Renee Zellwegger is on to give the award for Film Editing. Her hair looks better up close. Bourne Ultimatum won again. Wow, three Oscars for a movie that didn't get any major noms. But a great movie.

Nicole Kidman is giving a special award to Robert Boyle for production design. She's pregnant and looks beautiful and glowing. But, she has had the ole botox in the brow, and some lip stuff done, which she really doesn't need. She's also gained some bosoms with that pregnancy. I'm happy for her. I hope her marriage makes a go - they have a tough road with Keith Urban's drug addiction past. This guy is really old - two women helped him out. He's worked on many movies - they showed a montage.

Penelope Cruz is up to give the award for Foreign Language film. Don't know much about these, have no idea what is favored to win. Penelope looks very pretty though, as usual. A movie from Austria won.

Patrick McDreamy, er Dempsey and his hair are introducing another song from Enchanted. Wonder if they will cancel each other out so Once can win? Bleh. Nothing special. But I hear the movie was really wonderful. Not sure who this guy is singing, but his voice is so breathy. Simon Cowell would blast him. Hehe.

John Travolta came out and did a little turn with one of the dancers from the Enchanted song. He is giving out the Best Song award. Crossables crossed . . . WHOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!! YAAAAAAAAYYYY. Glen and Market won!!!!! That just made my night. So talented. So humble. Fantastic music. Buy it. Buy the movie! They started the music before Marketa got to speak, but she's very shy so I bet she didn't mind. Wow, Jon Stewart just brought her back out to let her say something. How cool is that! She's encouraging independent musicians to pursue their dreams. She is awesome. Andy has a big ole crush on her. She's only 19. She's his dream girl - plays piano, sings, writes music.

Cameron Diaz is up now. Can't say cinematography apparently. She looks a tad sunburned to me. There Will Be Blood won. Just saw that, it is a deserved win. But, I was rooting for the Assassination of Jesse James. That movie had amazing cinematography, it was just beautiful. The train robbery shot in the early part of the film is pure genius.

Hilary Swank of the classy dress and old lady hair is introducing a montage tribute to those who died this year. There are always a few in these that surprise me because I didn't hear that they passed. Don't know most of these people so far. Wow, I didn't know Ingmar Bergman died this year. Actually, I thought he died a long time ago. Last one was Heath Ledger. Very sad. Wonder if Daniel Day-Lewis will dedicate his Oscar to him if he wins. He did his SAG award.

Time for a break. I think we are getting to the last biggies soon.

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