Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hooray for Hollywood: Part Deux

I'm back. Helen Mirren is talking to Ryan. What a class act. So funny and very un-Hollywood. Looks great, simple blonde bob, lovely red dress. Red seems to be the major color tonight.

Don't blog about guys much - I mean a tux is a tux, just notice the weird ones. But Sean Combs is on and looks good. He was on Broadway in A Raisin in the Sun, and then they made a TV movie out of it. I would not be surprised if this guy has a successful movie career. People make fun of him, but he is a savvy businessman.

Here's Cameron again. Yeah, that hair is a mess. She keeps having to brush it out of her eyes. But the dress is pretty. Blondes look so good in pink. Very simple, blush colored makeup too. Someone will say it's bland I'm sure, but I like it. She has the greatest smile.

Ew, Hilary Swank has an old-lady French twist. What the heck? She usually looks great! Haven't seen her dress yet. Okay, still don't like the hair, but the earrings are great and the dress is nice. One shoulder black Versace.

Good Lord! Tilda Swinton (Michael Clayton) is not particularly attractive anyway, and she has bright red hair and pretty much NO makeup, that I can see. And a severe, ugly black dress. Is she TRYING to look blah? Like, "I'm a SERIOUS THESPIAN, therefore I don't NEED to look glamorous." Meh. Her hair is nice, but that's it. Great actress, nominated for Best Supporting Actress and well-deserved (a creepy part), but sheesh. Every barn needs some paint, especially the pale red-headed ones.

In contrast, Anne Hathaway, another pale girl with very dark hair, is wearing a bright red dress (more with the red) and dark eye makeup and red lipstick. Very striking on her. It's workin'.

Jennifer Hudson, white dress is okay, but it just emphasizes her large bosom. Not really doing anything for her if you ask me.

Wow, Colin Farrell is there with his mother, who is just beautiful. Man, I wonder how old she is. She looks about 40, but that's not possible. Dang. And again with the gorgeous Irish accents. My friend Julie is loving this, I can bet! Colin's hair is a bit long but he looks very handsome, as usual.

Casey Affleck was so great in The Assassination of Jesse James and Gone Baby Gone. He is married to Joaquin and River Phoenix's sister, Summer. I'd forgotten that. She's quite pretty. He's a great actor, but not the most attractive man.

Hmm. Renee Zellwegger has really short, very blonde hair. Not sure how I feel about it - need to see it some more. Just got a glimpse. Silver dress. Too little color for her pale self. She needs some color on her face and body. The hair is just not right for her, though I like the style.

Katherine Heigl is totally working the Marilyn Monroe Old Hollywood glamour look. Again with another red dress, off the shoulder, looks fabulous with her platinum hair. Red lips, minimal eye makeup, 40s hair. She looks fabulous.

Viggo Mortenson has a nasty looking beard, but he's there with his daughter. She looks ethnic, wonder if she is. Very cute. He's another great actor who is not great looking but sometimes looks good.

I think the preshow is almost over. Gonna stop here and tend to a couple of things, and I'll be back for my Oscar blog(s).

Feel free to comment if I missed anything of note.

Oh, a disclaimer. I usually pride myself on my spelling and grammar. However, I'm blogging this in real time so I'm not going back and checking. Feel free to point out errors.

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