Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hooray for Hollywood

IT'S OSCAR NIGHT! FINALLY! Didn't think it would happen, and now it's here. I look forward to this night every year. I LOVE THE MOVIES! And I love those awards show blogs that give a blow by blow, so here's my version. I won't blog about every single person, just the ones who strike me for one reason or another, either gorgeous or fugly.

I have watched the Academy Awards EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. since 1960! Top that! I was worried when the writer's strike seemed to be threatening the Oscars going on this year. I cannot imagine a year without this annual ritual for me, the biggest movieholic I know. I was raised on Silver Screen and other movie magazines (precursors to the tabloids of today, with more pictures and less scandal). I love movies, I love movie stars. I don't love all the trashy stuff of Hollywood, don't get me wrong, but I love the wonderful universe of film, for the same reason I love books.

I was at a theater last night watching There Will Be Blood. I HAD to see it, it was the only Best Picture nominee I had not seen. First time in forever I've seen them all. I was sitting there in the dark, thinking to myself, "This is absolutely one of my favorite places to be - in a dark theater watching a great movie." Watching them at home is nice and comfy, but nothing takes the place of the anticipation as a film starts up in a darkened theater and you are transported for that couple of hours. There's something about that environment that allows me to completely escape into the film.

So, here goes. This is just for me, and my few readers, cuz I LOVE THE MOVIES!

E! Red Carpet Show:

Saoirse (sur-sha) Ronan, the young Irish actress from Atonement (fabulously romantic and tragic film - reading the book now), and nominated for Best Supporting Actress, is on. She had a blonde bob in the film, has her dishwater blondish hair in a severe ponytail. Not a good look, though she's quite lovely and fresh - barely any makeup, as is appropriate for a young girl. But her dress, though it's Alberta Ferretti, looks like it's made of green nylon and reminds me of my mother's 60s nightgowns that I used to play dress-up in. Too bad. On the plus side, Ryan Seacrest just interviewed her and she's quite poised and has a beautiful, strong Irish accent. She had an American accent in the movie, and there's some serious talent there.

Another young one - Miley Cyrus. Looking very lovely with subtle age-appropriate makeup and her dark hair pulled back in a low ponytail, very elegant, and a smashing red Valentino column dress. She often sports too-long extensions, but this look is very understated, a little sophisticated for a 15 year old, but nevertheless she looks beautiful. Except for the huge chandelier earrings that are half the size of her head. Yuk. One of the few young ones left who is setting a good example for our teenage girls. So far. Hang in there Miley, don't let 'em change you. Love this -her mom is there with her, and telling a story that she was grounded last time Ryan interviewed her because she had a shirt that was too short and she didn't change it right when her mom said to. You go, Mom! What a great example and keeping it real!

James McAvoy (Atonement). Another lovely Irish accent. Love me some accents. He's very short. Shorter than Ryan, and that's pretty darn short. Good actor.

Jessica Alba, pregnant, in a gorgeous burgundy strapless empire waist gown, simple makeup and hair. I just love it when stars put their hair up in a very simple, almost careless updo. Very sexy. Wish my hair would do that. Of course it's short. . .

Amy Adams, from Enchanted, Talladega Nights, Junebug, The Office. Delightul, hilarious comedienne. Very pretty redhead. Dress - meh. Not bad, just not memorable. But so pretty and sweet. I predict a big future for her.

Ruby Dee, from American Gangster. She's 80-someodd years old! Sheesh! I don't look that good now! Her salt and pepper hair is stylishly short and tousled, and she's very slim, and wearing a beautiful tomato red sheath dress. So elegant. That woman is class embodied. Her part in the film was small but very powerful. She's a favorite to win, as a sentimental favorite for her body of work. I'm actually rooting for Amy Ryan from Gone Baby Gone, but I would not be surprised if Miss Ruby wins.

Jennifer Garner just glows. That girl has the most glorious complexion, and dimples. Haha, Gary Busey just stepped in to speak to Laura Linney (also looking very lovely), who's standing with Jennifer, and Ryan asked him if he knew Jennifer, and he said oh no, how are you and gave her a huge, awkward hug. Wow that was WEIRD. But Gary Busey is weird, always has been. Anyway, Jen's hair. Another sexy, almost like I just threw it up there cuz I just don't care hairdo, but a little too in the face. And the nude lipstick kinda looks like she put the foundation on and then forgot the lipstick. Dark strapless dress, mermaid bottom, not feeling it.

Keri Russell is wearing a nude strapless dress. Very pretty, matches her coloring well. Another updo. Loved her in Felicity, and in Waitress. Lovely girl.

Kristin Chenowith from Wicked and Pushing Daisies - that girl has an impressive rack for such a tiny person. She's not quite five feet tall, but she has on a strapless dress and the girls are on display (but not in a tacky way). So cute and hilarious.

Cameron Diaz in a beautiful pink dress. But the hair - oh Cammie, a messy ponytail and bangs in your face? Sorry, casual updo is one thing, but this looks like you were running late and skipped the hair chair. But I love her anyway.

Commercial Time. Posting this. Putting cookies in oven. Be back for Part Deux.

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