Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar Time: Part Cinq

Amy Adams is giving the Best Score song. She's just too cute. They are playing familiar phrases from some of the most famous scores. Wow, Ratatouille is nominated. That must be unusual. Atonement won. I recall that having great music, but 3:10 to Yuma, also nominated, had music that stuck with me more. But Atonement was a lyrically beautiful film, so I'm glad it won something finally.

Tom Hanks is up now to give the award for Documentary Short Subject. Tommy is looking good. I am guessing he's one of the best liked men in the biz. Cool, they are having soldiers in Baghdad announce the nominees and winner. Now they are doing the Documentary Feature. Several of these look interesting.

Harrison Ford is up to give the award for Best Original Screenplay. Indy is looking pretty good for 65. I hear he still fits into his costumes. But he's doing something funky with his eyes. I hope Juno wins, but I bet it will be Michael Clayton. Ratatouille is nominated. Wow. That's pretty amazing for an animated movie. And the winner is . . . JUNO!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!! A real success story. Whoooo hooooo!!!!! The little movie that could! Diablo Cody. Love that name. Not a fan of her dress, but I don't do animal prints. But, it kinda suits her.

Must be time for Best Actor - they are showing a montage of past winners. Helen Mirren is giving the award. I guess anyone who watches knows this, but the prior year's winner of the opposite sex always gives the award, and then in Best Director the prior winner gives it. Not sure what they do if one is nominated two years in a row there. If Daniel Day-Lewis does not win this it will be the biggest upset of the night. Yep, he won. Well deserved. Brilliant performance. If you are watching, note how much younger he looks in person than the characters he plays. And how soft spoken he is - just a demonstration of what a great actor he is. He's very humble. I've heard him referred to as an actor's actor. Very gracious speech. Didn't mention Heath. He had just died when the SAG awards were on, so I guess it was more on his mind then.

Time for Best Director. Here's the montage. Quite a few actors have won for directing. Hadn't thought about how many before. Clint Eastwood. Kevin Costner. Robert Redford. Mel Gibson. Warren Beatty. Ron Howard. Martin Scorsese is giving out the award. He's one of my favorite directors. I predict the Coen brothers or Paul Thomas Anderson. Yep, the Coens. Not a surprise. They are some talented guys. They are funny too. Quirky and weird funny.

Here's my man Denzel to give the Best Picture award. This one is an open field. All great movies. I've seen them all this year, loved them all. Overall, I'd say No Country or There Will Be Blood should win, or maybe Atonement. Hard to pick, they are all so different. No Country for Old Men won. Good pick. I had to drag my family to see this - they had never heard of it. Saw it right after it came out and told everyone I know about it. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but a brilliant film. I bow to the genius of little indie movies!

Well, there you have it. This was exhausting. I take my hat off to the professional entertainment bloggers. I barely left my computer all night long. Hope someone enjoys reading this. It was good practice for me either way.

Over all, gotta say, a few surprises, and no really horribly fugly dresses or hair to grouse about. Disappointing . . .

Gotta go pee now . . .

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