Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar Time: Part Trois

I'm back. Didn't get a cookie yet.

Jessica Alba is on. She gave out the Scientific and Technical Awards, which are given at another event since the show doesn't have room for them. They give awards to people who come up with technological innovations that give us better movies, though we usually don't know about them.

Josh Brolin and James McAvoy are giving out an award together. Two good actors - two great movies. They are quoting great movie lines - must be the screenplay award. James McAvoy's hair needs some work though. Okay, this is Adapted Screenplay. Hope Atonement wins. Reading the book now, and it's a great adaptation so far. But I bet No Country for Old Men wins. I read that book too, so really it's a tossup for me. Yep, the Coen brothers won for No Country for Old Men. Freaky good film. They did change a few details in the book that I think made the story better, but still, it was great. These guys are weird, totally weird, but I love their movies!

The AMPAAS prez is on now to do the usual little pep talk. He's talking about how the process works. Showing a little documentary about it. Actors nominate actors, directors nominate directors, etc. Everyone gets to nominate the best picture, but they must see all the movies. Not clear if they all vote on all the nominees or not.

Miley Cyrus is up. Such a cute girl. Presenting the third nominated song, again from Enchanted. She is very poised and confident for a 15 year old. Yay, Kristin Chenowith is singing. She's AWESOME! She has extensions I think, because her hair was fairly short in Pushing Daisies. Great dress too. Cute number. I'm sure it was cuter in the movie though.

Judi Dench and Halle Berry are up. Haha, it's not really them, it's the guy from Knocked Up (Seth Rogan) and the guy from Accepted (Jonah Hill) giving an award for Best Sound Editing. This is one of those awards where you don't notice the sound editing if it's really good, but you notice it if it's bad. The Bourne Ultimatum won. Cool. Great movie, best of the three if you ask me. No they are giving one for Sound Mixing (my son in law does this, not for movies, but it's very hard and technical). Bourne Ultimatum won again. Cool.

Now a montage of Best Actress winners. I predict Julie Christie for this one, but I'd love to see Ellen Page get it. Julie Christie is so gorgeous, still. I've not seen her movie, Away From Her, yet, but I want to. She's pretty outspoken, so if she wins, she may say something interesting. She doesn't seem to care about stardom at all.

Forrest Whitaker is giving out the award. Boy he's come a long way since Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Another upset! Marion Cotillard won for La Vie En Rose. Wow. Totally unexpected. Never heard of her at all. Wow, guess I need to see that movie. She is overcome and very emotional. Obviously she didn't expect to win. Two upsets out of three of the main acting awards. Those critics must be shaking their heads. I don't know of one who predicted this win. Wonder what other surprises await . . . Maybe Juno will win Best Picture?

Taking another break. Check back for Part Quatre.

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