Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hooray for Hollywood: Part Trois

Now for ABC's Oscar Red Carpet coverage. I don't think this is live, but it might be. Not sure. Regis Philbin is the host, which is interesting, since his show is on another network.

They are doing little film bio pieces on the nominees. George Clooney is up now. Yeah. That man is a REAL movie star. He looks a million times better than he did when he was young. And he's so funny. Classic tux, what more do you need? That doubles his appeal for me. He has his girlfriend with him, who looks much younger. She didn't say anything. Boring dress.

Marion Cotillard is up now. Haven't seen that movie. Her dress looks like a mermaid - fish scale designs and all. It's Gaultier. No wonder. He's kinda weird. She's very pretty and French looking. French women have a particular look, hard to describe but it's there.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston. Nice couple. Love him, even if he is a Scientologist. He looks good, very short hair, I like it. And he was great in Hairspray. So funny. Kelly's dress is bright golden yellow. Not so much.

Laura Linney's piece is up. Haven't seen Savages yet but I want to. She and Philip Seymour Hoffman are two of the finest actors around today. She's really got a lot of range, and is very pretty in a "real person you might know" kind of way. Class black satin strapless dress. Nothing special, but looks good on her.

Javier Bardem. Yeah. That man was so scary and creepy in No Country for Old Men, with that icky hair. He's VERY handsome in real life, and very Spanish. Speaking of accents. Yeah. And dimples. Mmmmm hmmm, that's what I'm talkin' about. He should win tonight - I'll be shocked if he doesn't. He's already won several awards. He's dating Penelope Cruz. Can you imagine how beautiful those babies would be?

Here's Miley again. HER ponytail would totally win in a throwdown with Cameron's ponytail. I'm just sayin.

Ooooh, Dr. McDreamy's hair. Nuff said.

Jennifer Garner is on again. Wow, her boobs (which aren't that big)are about to pop out the top of that black dress. Hope we don't have a wardrobe malfunction.

Daniel Day-Lewis and his wife (who is a playwright) are on. I am always amazed when I see him in person - he's very softspoken and modest, completely and totally different from the larger-than-life characters he tends to play. Very handsome in a rugged sort of way. His wife has on a hideous black dress with some weird red straps. Big ole black broach looking thing in the middle. Ick.

Ellen Page is up now. Juno is a fantastic movie - everyone should see it. She looks very pretty. Simple updo, nice makeup. She's not a glam girl, so I'm glad to see she's dressed up for the occasion. She just turned 21. Very smart. Black dress, kinda plain and simple.

Oh my gosh. Regis just said "Xavier Bardem." What an idiot. Jack Nicholson is on the front row. In his dark dark glasses. As usual. WHY is he on the front row? He's not nominated. I think they just like to get his facial expressions.

Okay, that's it. The show's about to start!

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Morag said...

He did say "Xavier," didn't he? I'm glad I am not the only one who noticed.