Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Stuff and Things

Hmmmm, haven't posted in a while. Watching a lot of TV - new season in full swing. Lots of good TV these days. If you haven't watched Lost, I highly recommend you rent the first season, catch up and start watching. Most amazingly complicated and fascinating show I've watched in a long time.

My favorite show list, in order of love: Gilmore Girls, Arrested Development, Lost, Everwood (those top four are my personal Must See TV), Desperate Housewives, Boston Legal, Alias, Nip Tuck (my guilty pleasure - I know I'm bad, but it's a great, edgy show, definitely an R rating - can't believe they can do and say that stuff on basic cable), Grey's Anatomy (love Sandra Oh and that Dr. McDreamy), ER (I'm still hanging with this show after 10 years, but I miss Carter and Dr. Greene), and a few new faves, Veronica Mars, My Name is Earl (hi-freakin-larious), Kitchen Confidential (can you say Bradley Yummy Cooper?), and The Office (still deciding on that one). I watched Supernatural once, it was really scary, but haven't watched again. Watched House, liked it, may try to catch it now and again.

Oh, and of course Sex and the City reruns. Love love love that show. Wish I had those kind of girlfriends. Yeah.

I admit it, as you must already be thinking, I watch a LOT of TV. I LOVE television. I was raised on TV, I am of the TV generation, and television shows throughout the years have defined the pivotal periods of my life, along with popular music. It shaped who I am in a really core way. There is a lot of really, really good writing these days on TV, and I am a big fan of good writing and good acting. I HATE reality shows, with the exception of American Idol (not even really sure why I like it but I do), and I used to like Real World until it got all skeevy. NEVER watch Survivor, or any of those bachelor or bachelorette humiliation shows or anything else. I like scripted shows with great writing that make me laugh and cry, not that make me squirm with the discomfort of someone else's pain (again, American Idol is the exception there).

I also LOVE movies. And I love to read. If I could spend my time doing anything I wanted, I would read, watch movies and TV and travel all the time. Better yet I'd write books and be a wildly successful writer who travels a lot. Hey, I can dream, can't I?

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hampton said...

i have yet to catch an episode of my name is earl, but i LOVE jason lee. love love love him, so i'm sure once i see it, it will fall right into my list of must-see shows. i have not been keeping up with the gilmore's very well lately, and that makes me sad. it's weird to me that rory is sleeping with that logan guy. not sure why, i don't know. but it was also pretty weird that her first time was with MARRIED dean. little rory grew right up i guess!

and speaking of growing up, i talked to sam on the phone the other day. how wild is that? lindsay gave him the phone and he said "hi hampton, i'm playing soccer." sooo cute. i asked if i could play soccer with him when i came to visit, and he said no. and then i said aww please and i got an "okay, yesh." it was GREAT. i miss mike and linds so much, and sam too. i can't tell you how ready i am to be home for a little bit! i bought my plane ticket last night to come home nov. 4-6. although it's really just the 5-6 because i get in at 11:45 friday night! there are a quite a few people i'm not going to tell that im home because i won't have time to hang out with all of them, and i'd rather max out my time with the people that matter most, ya know? besides, thanksgiving gives me a little extra time to play with, and then there is christmas right around the corner! anyway, all that to say, i miss you and i will see you soon!

much love,