Thursday, October 13, 2005

Oh Yeah, WICKED!!!!

SCORE! Oh man, today I scored four tickets to see Wicked tomorrow night!!!!!! Me, Andy, Tiffany, and Peggy Moulden are going (Peter decided not to go so after all). Josh (Peggy's son) is looking for a single ticket so he can go too. Been trying for over a week to find some, at regular price of course, and no luck, all sold out. Today I decided I should check once more on Ticketmaster. I found one single ticket, but we needed four, so I decided to call the box office to see if they had any last minute tickets. They didn't, so I asked for a Ticketmaster number where I could actually talk to a live person to see if they had some singles all on the same night. I got a guy on the phone, told him what I wanted, and in a few minutes he came back and said - well, the only thing I have is for Friday night, but I do have four together. I said "you what?" So of course I begged him to hang on for a sec while I called Tiffany to make sure she could go tomorrow night before I committed my credit card number since there are no refunds. She of course said something to the effect of "OMIGOD, YOU DIDN'T!" so I got back on the other phone and told the guy I loved him and he made my day!

Now, you might be wondering why this is such a big deal and why in the world we are so excited about this. I only recently heard anything much about this musical, when Tiffany mentioned it to me and I borrowed Jody Lee's soundtrack because she told me the music was so great. Wow, some of the best music I've heard since Phantom! Very different, not at all like Phantom, but very memorable, clever lyrics and just some incredible singing. It is basically the story of the life of the Wicked Witch of the West and how she got that way. Not really to do with the Wizard of Oz, and yet it is. You can read about it online here and read a more detailed synopsis of the book (which in musical theater terms is the story part of the show) and also about the song lyrics, etc. here It is adapted from the novel Wicked - The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, by Gregory Maguire, and is a fascinating twist on the possible backstory of the Wicked Witch we all know and love from Wizard of Oz. It is a very political story, and the nature of good vs. wicked is explored. Brilliant, in my humble opinion!

Cannot wait! I will write my glowing review later. You may be jealous of me now . . .

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