Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where - or When - Have You Been?

Ha, couldn't resist a little shout out to all my fellow Losties. That show rocks my brain, in a good way. So. I have been remiss in posting. For some odd reason, some days I look at my blog and feel intimidated and want to run away, because it's calling me to post, but when I think about posting, there is SO much stuff in my brain that honestly I could post for hours and just keep on going, but I don't have that kind of time. So what do I do? I look at it, and then procrastinate.

So today, I'm *working* from home because I live in North Texas, and we have dire warnings of the "biggest ice storm in years," which of course sends everyone scurrying for cover and safety, stocking up their pantries and panicking at the thought of having to DRIVE anywhere. LOL. My bestest boss EVER called me this morning to tell me that she wants our whole team to stay home and work rather than risk getting there and then having troubles getting home. Sweet. Of course, I was already fluffed and puffed and putting on my work clothes, rather than still in bed, which would have been REALLY sweet. But I will not look this gift horse in the mouth. Jay had just left, so I called him and laughed triumphantly into his voice mail.

So. A "snow day." Wonderful. Make more coffee. Put on cozy sweater (too ratty to wear in public, but like a soft knit bathrobe and just the thing to wear around the house when it's cold . . .). Check email. Post triumphant bragging status on Facebook about getting to work at home. Tidy up a bit. Have toast and Kashi oatmeal for breakfast. Check more email, read some blogs, watch weather on TV. Decide I am sleepy and perhaps I'll take a little cat nap in my cozy reading chair. Take laptop in bedroom so that I can hear the beep if any important emails arrive during said nap. Settle into chair under lovely blanket, dog curled on lap. Doze off. Phone rings. Daughter and granddaughter are coming by to use my computer and printer to print out grocery coupon list. "We are nearly at your house." :-\ So much for nap. Not that I don't adore seeing Jill. It's just the timing.

So, I got up, played with Jill, and decided I'd go ahead and do my work since I was up anyway. They were here about an hour and a half, and I finished up my work. Now I have a day, or half a day, in front of me, and I'm mulling what to do. I have plenty of chores that need doing. But what I WANT to do is eat something HOT for lunch and then curl back up in that cozy reading chair and (1) catch up on a couple of DVRd shows; (2) read a book; and (3) have that nap. Actually, I should probably have the nap first, before Jay gets home early (and I expect he will) and Curlyboy gets home from school (yes, THEY both had to go today. Heh.)

Chores can wait. Snow days don't happen that often, but it is looking good for tomorrow to be another one. Snow days are wonderful. Just wish we had some actual SNOW.

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