Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A New Chronicle of Sam, with a Side of Jilly

Sam, my five year old grandson, is a veritable fount of hilarious comments these days. Here are the latest gems:

"Mom, I used your cell phone to call my friend Samuel, but I got the circus instead, and they said 'All circuses are busy, please try again.'" I laughed for five minutes about that one.

Sam wanted to go to the Apple store with dad. Because he was hungry. LOL

Daddy showed Sam a scary video on his iPhone, and then commented that it probably was not appropriate for him until he was older. Sam said "That will NEVER be appropriate for me."

Jillian, the two year old, is quickly catching up with her brother, but most of her antics involve doing things. Things like peeling all the bananas in the fridge while mommy was washing her face. Or opening all the yogurts. Or peeling several oranges. This girl is a ninja - she can get into trouble if you blink your eyes. Of course, she has a partner in crime - the neighbor girl, Malia, that Lindsay keeps several days a week. The two of them apparently manage to get in about four times the amount of mischief. All the while looking like this:

Yeah, she's not trouble comin' . . . :D

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