Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Walk the Line

Hmmmm, that last post was really too long and probably should have been broken up into two or three. Gotta stop doing that.

So, went to see Walk the Line with Andy and Jay. I was never a huge Johnny Cash fan though I did appreciate his talent and legendary status, and I was familiar with most the songs used in this move. A few comments: Reese Witherspoon is WAY prettier than June Carter, and I think sings better, but she did a fabulous job. Joaquin Phoenix is weird, but a really intense actor, and as the movie progressed he just sort of BECAME Johnny Cash, somehow. Let me just say that the two times they sang a duet of Jackson, I got goosebumps. Both times. HUGE amount of chemistry between the two. Great movie. No nudity. Very few cuss words. Go see it.

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hampton said...

dude, you haven't updated in a month! what's that about? anyway, just writing to say that i am HOME!!! i had a blast the last time i was in town hanging over at the house. maybe we can do it again, and if things progress, i can bring the boy :D i will be here till jan 2, so email me or call me. and this time around i DO plan on getting a massage from you. after the past few weeks i need it!

much love,