Friday, June 15, 2007

Chronicles of Sam

Yesterday, my 3 1/2 year old grandson Sam provided me with these wonderful nuggets:

After coming over to swim and being forced by his mother to eat lunch first (the very IDEA!), Sam was gazing out the window at the pool. He announced "I'm CRANKY!" I asked why, and he replied, "I'm CRANKY because it's RAINING!" I looked outside and sure enough . . . rain. No swimming, at least until later.

He did actually get to swim later, and then when it was time to go home, he did not want to leave, EVER, according to him. He was having a little meltdown, and I said "Hey, stop throwing a COW!" to which he replied, in mid-sob, "It's not a COW, it's a FIT!"

Nothing like being self-aware . . .


Julie Layne said...

LOL That's cute!Remind me to tell you about something Anne Lamott says in the audio book I'm listening to about self awareness.

Sunshine said...

Love that! :)

hampton said...

gaaaaaaaaaaail! it's been a month now, let's get to posting around here!