Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More thoughts on Virginia Tech . . .

I wonder if anyone has done studies about why it seems that boys who grow into mass or serial killers are often found to have a history of being bullied, and yet girls get bullied just as much in their own way, and they don't seem to end up as mass or serial killers. I don't know the statistics but I know that only a very small percentage of these kinds of killers are female.

What's the difference? Is in how our brains are wired, because we know from observation and science has demonstrated through research that we ARE in fact wired VERY differently. Or is it our environment, our nurturing or lack thereof? Why do girls respond so differently to the same kind of emotional abuse?

Just pondering . . . feel free to post your theories.

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Amanda Michele Steed said...

Boys are teased because they're not strong in the physical sense, so they feel the need to prove the opposite is true. While girls are teased more often because of their lack of "beauty" as the world defines it. So instead of becoming physically violent they turn on themselves and develop eating disorders or other body image problems that cause them to be sick.