Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sweet Baby Gwel

Jilly is now saying "hi" and "dye-dye". Not sure why it's not "bye-bye" since I know she can say "b" since she says "Bubba." Anyway, "hi" is accompanied by an open-handed wave and a smile that lights up her whole face, and "dye-dye" comes with a bend-at-the-wrist twisty kind of wave. She also claps her hands and says "Yay!"

By the way, "gwel" is how Sam used to say "girl." Now, to me, "gwel" is much harder to pronounce than girl. It kind of sounds like Old English or something. There are some words that toddlers say that are just so darn cute, and you KNOW they are going to stop saying it that way at some point, but it's just so CUTE. Like how Sam used to say "Hupmits" for Muppets. And "Beggie" Tales. So CUTE. But alas, he is growing up and using big words, like "Minnesota Cuke." BUT he does say it "Minn-a-so-da" very deliberately. SO CUTE.

Andy used to say "w" for "r." Our pastor's sons were "Cwaig" and "Wobin." CUUUUTTTTEEE.

Okay, now I'm rambling . . .

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