Monday, September 11, 2006

MILFS on Parade???

If you don't know what the acronym MILF means, I will not elaborate here, but you may get the idea when you read this post. I just heard a news item about auditions being held for a new reality show to choose . . . wait for it . . . AMERICA'S HOTTEST MOM!!!! Yes, folks, we are sinking further into the miry pit of decadence, when we are prepared to crown a woman for being a HOT mom, not a GREAT mom, or a FUN mom, or a LOVING mom, or a WISE mom, or a TENDER mom, or any of those qualities that most of us would revere in our own moms. Most of the teenagers I am friends with (and there are quite a few) would likely gag and flail around and utter phrases like "ewwwwww, that is grosssssssssss" or "omigod, that's disgusting" or some such thing, if you mentioned to them that their mom might enter such a contest.

The saddest thing of all, of course, is that this is EXACTLY the kind of programming that will continue to illustrate for our young girls that BEING HOT is of course the MOST desirable character trait they should be aiming for as they grow up. And we all know that today, HOT also means big boobs and an otherwise skeletal body, over-made up faces, hair extensions, and so on. And AMERICA WILL WATCH, probably in huge numbers, because for some reason, we (that's the generic "WE" referring to America as a unit, not the personal "we" that includes myself) cannot seem to look away from these "reality" train wrecks. Barf.

On a related note, speaking of a HOT mom, apparently Anna Nicole Smith gave birth to a baby girl last week, and then yesterday her 20 year old son was found dead in his room (he was in the Bahamas with her for the birth of her baby). No reason so far, but they are investigating. Now, no matter what I think of this poor wreck of a woman, my heart goes out to her in the loss of her child - no one, no matter what their lifestyle, should EVER have to bury their own child. On the other hand, one has to wonder how messed up this young man may have been by all the media circus that has been his mother's life for the last five years or more. He was occasionally on her reality show, which I confess I did watch a few times, and he always looked quite uncomfortable being on camera. I hope that I am wrong, and that she is not just a HOT mom, but a loving one, and that her new child will have a happy life.

Just ask any kid what they are looking for in a mom, and I'll guarantee you "HOT" is not on the list . . . anywhere. Unless it is used in the phrase "HOT chocolate chip cookies." As my grandson Sam observed after watching Lord of the Beans (a Veggie Tales video), when seeing that the bad guys (the Sporks) were pacified by the Keebler Elf (you have to see the show) - they have happy eyes now because they had some cookies and they feel better." Yeah, I'm thinking that what America needs right now is not a Hottest Mom . . . just imagine being her kids . . .

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Julie said...

Fountains of Wayne might differ with your opinion. Of course, it's probably only gross to Stacy, who finds out her mom is hot, not the the kid who thinks Stacy's mom has got it going on. Can't stand that song...wonder if that's where they got the idea for the show.

Yep, we are definitely a little mixed up.