Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm baaaaaaaccccck . . .

Okay, so I haven't posted in quite a while. Actually, it's rather embarrassing how long it's been, considering that I keep saying I want to be a writer. But in my defense, my life has been so busy in the last few months that, though I have had many things happen worth blogging about, actually finding time to sit down and write them down seems to have been impossible. Okay, that's a bit dramatic. I have just chosen to use what little free time I've had doing other mindless activities such as watching movies and surfing the internet, two of my very favorite pastimes. Did I mention this is a confessional-style blog?

I must also sheepishly confess that once I start writing, I can't seem to quit. Now, those of you who know me well (she says confidently as though this blog has many readers who do not know her well) will immediately smile when you read the above statement, as you also know the same problem occurs pretty often when I start talking. You know how they say men have X number of words in a day, and women have X number, and the woman's word count is much higher? Well, I think somehow I got a double portion, and I occasionally get a little reality check when someone comments about how much I talk. It has been hinted that I need one of those shirts that says "I'm talking and I can't shut up." Hmmmmphf. I'm colorful and garrulous. (insert raspberry sound here). Truthfully, I keep hoping that if I can write on a regular basis, perhaps it will use up some of those words so I don't drive my friends and loved ones crazy. That's one theory, anyway.

So, let me sum up (Princess Bride reference for you fans). In the months since my last blog:

  • I completed a huge project for the nonprofit organization I do research and editing for, and participated in the launch of the Web site. That kinda dominated my life for several months. Lots of hours, fun work.
  • I went to youth camp with my church's youth group. Yeah, I'm getting too old for that . . . almost. I'll probably end up like the old man sponsor one of our girls referred to as being about 108. He was pretty old, with a combover and skinny legs, but I had to give him props for still being out there hanging with the kids. I'll keep going as long as they'll have me.
  • I went on a trip to New Orleans with one of my closest girlfriends to do some preliminary work for our youth's mission trip later in the summer (they went in July, without me). Thelma and Louise we ain't, but that trip deserves a separate blog entry, to be posted later.
  • On June 22, our new granddaughter, Jillian Elizabeth Taylor, was born. She is heavenly, and also has earned her own entry (the first among many, I'm sure) along with photos. Jilly is also the reason I did not go on the mission trip in July - stayed home to help out her mommy with her and big brother Sam.
  • We have been in the process of converting our garage into a game/family room since about April. Remember the movie "The Money Pit?" Two weeks. My house has been full of drywall dust and dirt for months. The room is now in livable shape, new furniture has arrived, and things are on the road back to normalcy. That process also will receive a detailed entry, but it has underscored everything else going on around here for waaaaay too long. Yep, more on this later too.
  • I am now in the middle of a new project for FCE (the nonprofit). My job title is Research Consultant (hehehhe), and I am currently doing research to update and rewrite the Arts & Culture section of Dallas Indicators, a Web site set up by FCE to include information that measures how Dallas is doing in various segments of community growth, etc. I totally don't know what the heck I'm doing, and am really overwhelmed, and yet excited to be doing something really interesting and challenging. All while working from my sofa, or kitchen table, or bed, or whereever I happen to decide to work that day. Pretty cool.
  • I am in denial that it's already August and before you know it school will start again. We are facing all those school issues - athletics physical, schedule pickup, finishing the summer reading project (a dialectical journal of A Separate Peace), getting supplies, new shoes, etc. Andy will be starting cross country soon, and he's gonna be so miserable because he did absolutely no training over the summer, in spite of my constant nagging. Oh well, not my problem. Except it is, because I'm the mom. More on that later too.
  • On the same note (that it's already August), I have been swimming in our pool quite a bit this summer, but still want to do more. We finally got our pool looking so good, and we have been trying to use it as often as possible, inviting friends over, etc. Isn't it funny how in July you feel like summer will go on forever, and then August comes and you get that "end of summer letdown" before summer's really over? Always kinda puts a wet blanket on my August. Hmmm, that may be a topic on its own.

Clearly I've had lots to write about, and I am vowing here and now in the presence of whatever random people may read this that I WILL write about each of these topics and will try to blog at least 2 or 3 times a week. So many funny things happen, and I say to myself "gotta write aboubt this one," only to get busy, time passes and I forget. Bad idea for an aspiring writer . . .

Enough for now. I've also been told that my blogs are too long; that I need chapters and a bibliography . . . whatever. I yam what I yam. Love me or leave me. Fish or cut bait. Poop or get off the pot. Pick your own metaphor . . .


mytriparoundthesunshine said...

Welcome back! I haven't been good about posting on my sunshine blog, but I'm thinking I'll get back to that soon. I just feel like I have to have some major, beautiful essay for it. But that's dumb. So I'll just start posting on it. :P----, as Julie would type. ;)

Julie said...

Oh. Mah. Gosh.

You are showing up in my blogroll as "Just updated!" Woo hoo!!!!

hampton said...

welcome back to the blogosphere! i started an email to you today but then i got crazy busy at work, so i will have to finish it tomorrow or this weekend. but it will be worth the wait, i promise!

<3 hampton

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hampton said...

how's that "i'm gonna blog 2 or 3x a week" thing going for ya? *winkwink*

hampton said...

i am in favor of mark and travis. i don't think i'd say i'm mad at tom exactly, but i definitely think it's shady. he was talking CRAZY about his new band and the new album. and it's good, but it's not great. i almost think maybe he's bipolar; the nutty crap he had been spouting off about their album sounds pretty manic to me. mark and tom used to be BEST friends. there is a blink 182 documentary style video from a few years back, and it has interviews with each of them describing the other band members, and the way they talk about their friendship... they are guys, so you see a very marked effort to not get to sappy or "gay" with it, but they love each other and it really showed how deep their friendship was... it was really sweet, so it's definitely shocking to hear about how the blink split went down. :(