Thursday, February 16, 2006

Potty Boot Camp

So, my grandson Sam is in Potty Boot Camp this week. The goal is to get him potty trained and out of diapers before the new baby arrives in July. Lindsay is spending most of the week at home, letting him run around "nakey" as he calls it, or in his "underwears" so that he will more likely use the potty chair. Now, this is not just any old potty chair, it plays music when you sit on it. I think they should make one that only plays music if you actually go, but that's another jump in technology I guess. Anyway, he is doing great so far. He receives a piece of "potty candy" every time he successfully uses the potty. This is apparently a big incentive for a 2 year old. Only one piece, but still, it's candy. And, he can take out the potty "pot" (the removable part that you dump in the toilet" and empty it and flush himself as well. Mommy usually supervises this activity for obvious reasons.

The other day, Lindsay said he got out of bed in the morning and went potty all on his own before he came to get her up. Then, when he did come to wake mommy, he proudly brought the potty "pot" to show mommy. Apparently, he had quite a supply of pee to unload as he had just gotten up (you know how guys are in the morning), and it seems quite a bit sloshed on his gleeful journey into mommy's bedroom. But he was so proud of himself that she just couldn't bring herself to scold him for the sloshing. She still isn't sure if he actually cognitively felt the need to go, or if he just noticed the potty on his way to her room and decided it would be fun to go since it was right there.

Last night at church he was running around hollering "underwears, underwears." I guess that would be unseemly in a teen or adult, but it's quite endearing when a toddler does it. Gotta make a big deal out of everything to do with potty training so they will want to keep doing it, until their little body finally understands the whole process.

Next will come the tying of the shoes I guess . . . they grow up way too fast.

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mytriparoundthesunshine said...

My best friend's son is going through potty training. She told me about the day during Week 1 when her son started to go in the potty, then ran into the living room to finish. She described her husband running through the house, potty "pot" in hand, trying to catch the little tinkler. Her husband is a rather quiet, unexcitable guy, so this image just cracks me up.

Okay, and the term "potty candy"....that's just hilarious to me!